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The consistent digital value chain

Efficient real-time 3D processes for sales, planning and marketing

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Agile - individual - efficient

Digitalization is changing entire industries and their distribution channels. Industry 4.0 is on everyone‘s lips and the next industrial revolution is already being discussed. Manufacturers from the mechanical and plant engineering sectors as well as automotive suppliers are already relying on digitally supported and comprehensively integrated processes. The big goal here: The digitalization of the entire value chain and the resulting efficiency gains, cost savings, and appreciative customer relationships.

CREATED ONCE, used multiple times

This is where the iV Platform comes into play by enabling the consistent processing, compatibility, and presentation of 3D design data as well as their customer-specific adaptation. Functions and specifications for machines, assemblies or similar can be seamlessly integrated into the existing software framework. Intermediate steps and time-consuming waiting loops due to lack of capacity or high utilization of other departments, e. g.

technical planning or 3D visualization, are eliminated. The previously required integration of external planning bodies or agencies for the design of photorealistic renderings is also eliminated, saving you and your customers considerable time and money. The entire planning process in iVP is optimally integrated on the software side between sales and customers. This way you can effectively pull together and realize optimal planning in a much shorter time, which can be used again and again along the entire value chain.



iVP functions in the direct sense of the word as a “One Flow Production Pipeline”, within which content once created can be processed many times over. This massively reduces the strain on personnel and financial resources both at the manufacturer and at the customer side. From the one-time transfer of customer-specific design data, a multitude of results can be derived across all stages of the customer relationship – and this effortlessly and in real-time.


3D real-time visualization is not a temporary tool. It is a sustainable change in product lifecycle management.

Next Level Web, Sales & Training

iVP Showroom is the right solution for the initial contact with a customer or their digitally supported, custom entry on, for example, your website, mobile app, or in a direct conversation.  With iVP Showroom, you offer customers the opportunity to select or already configure products according to their requirements. Here, a configuration suitable for the customer can be created utilizing industry-specific predefined questions or by independently selecting parameters. All digital content comes directly from the CAD model that is uniquely integrated into iVP or is generated from it as demand-dependent derivatives.

iVP Showroom


Companies that are using real-time 3D today are seeing considerable Benefits to their business, such as an increase in sales, decrease in costs, and improved time-to-market. 

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Personalized Presale experience

The cost-intensive and often nerve-racking cooperation with agencies is no longer necessary at this point. Implement your machines with specifications and variants in iVP Showroom via interactive WebGL or virtual cloud instance on your homepage and enable customers a low-threshold concrete entry up to the point of contact.


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The information gained in this process is visible to the customer service representative in the continuative desktop or cloud application iVP Showroom and can be edited in detail in the further course of the discussions. iVP Showroom continues the fully digital process integration with the transmission of the contact request into your existing CRM and lead management system. The planning and/or pre-selected machines carried out by the customer himself during the initial contact are directly transferred to the further sales process. Do not start your sales work somewhere. Pick up your customer exactly where he stands!

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Completely new planning or integration of machines into existing plants

If the initial contact with the customer is made via a field sales representative, the latter can freely decide, depending on the customer’s needs, whether he would like to use the iVP Showroom for product presentation, containment and concretization of the inquiry, or whether the newly assembled machine with iVP Planning should become part of an existing system or whether it is a completely new system planned.  Together with the customer, further settings and possibilities on the machine can be discussed, shown, and simulated. The option of transferring to a virtual or augmented reality model allows the customer to train his employees effectively or to point out in detail functions and processes inside the machine that would not be visible during normal operation.



It is about creating analog and digital experiences for the customer with which he identifies himself and turning this knowledge into an individual pre-purchase experience.

One step closer to completion: Realizing custom trade fair models

Use iVP Showroom as an additional tool at trade fairs or events. This saves you exhibition space and transport costs. Allow your customers to experience the machine digitally and interactively as close as possible, explain the functions of individual assemblies clearly, and respond to individual questions. The possibility of direct specification already creates customer loyalty at this stage, which would be impossible to achieve with an “impersonal” trade show model. Then invite the customer to one of your showrooms, where he will find “his” machine in “his” equipment and under production conditions. A clear advantage that brings you a big step closer to the conclusion.


Real-time planning software in 2D/3d and VR

iVP Planning is the core of the iV Platform. It enables the simple, immediate representation and visualization of your planned factory or production plant in 2D/3D and VR. The application is intuitive, visually appealing, and allows even untrained persons low-threshold access. The direct planning on-site and with the customer does not only convince by an unprecedented degree of flexibility and speed.

iVP Planning


Visualization in AEC and manufacturing companies needs a revamp. 

61% of respondents say their organizations experience challenges due to their poor visualization capabilities. 

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The customer also experiences immediate appreciation as a partner at eye level, whose wishes can be directly implemented and evaluated. iVP Planning relieves your company’s technical planning department of the laborious and time-consuming task of creating a presentable and thus visually imaginable 3D representation of your customer’s project.

iVP_effective planning.jpg






iVP_Virtual Reality.png

Next Level





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Digital Real-time plant planning via drag & drop

iVP_Euro100_iVP Planning_top_view.png

With digital factory and plant planning, companies, investors and building owners not only save personnel, time, and financial resources but also benefit from many other advantages. Thanks to direct visual feedback in real-time, potential problems caused by environmental factors and building specifications can be identified immediately and solutions developed immediately. Resources for technical planning are often used to draw five to six or more technical concepts, whereby in the best case one of these is implemented.

Recognition value and individual

iVP Planning relieves personnel resources and optimizes the planning process in the long term. The ability to position and specify machines and objects together with the customer in real-time and to receive visual 3D feedback is a decisive advantage in the planning and sales of machines and entire production plants. iVP Planning does not replace the technical planning and virtual commissioning but serves an efficient, optimized consulting and sales process before the final handover to the detailed technical planning.


In 20 % of the time we achieve 80 % of the project progress. At the same time we convince the customer with visual authenticity and the immediate implementation of his wishes.

Quick & Easy to use

The entry into iVP Planning is possible without previous knowledge of CAD programs. Their 3D and CAD databases enable the quick and easy construction of plants via drag and drop. In addition to detailed customer-specific plant and production engineering, many goods, production, and other components are available or can be imported from 3D systems. In the future, it will also be possible to integrate BIM models into iVP. Projects are then made available to the customer with the free iVP Viewer.


Seamless collaboration across time zones

iVP Viewer gives your customer the possibility to represent the planning internally in the best possible way and to convince colleagues, superiors, and investors of the project. Although iVP Viewer deliberately allows no or limited changes to be made, it is possible to leave comments and notes regarding desired changes and thus act directly at the location of the issue to be clarified. 

iVP Viewer
iVP_effective planning.jpg





Cloud Ressources

iVP_Virtual Reality.png

Virtual &

Augmented Reality

iVP_cross platform.jpg



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Real-time visualization at multiple platforms

Does your customer have a virtual reality headset or would you like to convince them with innovative and immersive presentation technology for project presentations? 


iVP Viewer works as a web or desktop application and optionally in a virtual computer instance in the Microsoft Azure or AWS Cloud. But iVP Viewer goes one step further to help you achieve true top sales performance: With iVP Analytics, you can analyze the user behavior of the employees after the customer review and thus even proactively respond to customer requests.

iVP Viewer_Virtual Reality Presentation.

With the iVP Viewer, you can present plans and projects in 3D, Virtual, and Augmented Reality and thus create a real experience for the viewer. Don’t just provide the customer with his planning as an image or video, but give him the possibility to move virtually and in 3D within his plant to take a close look at every aspect. 3D navigation options allow for easy navigation in the scene. It is possible to show or hide dimensions, foreign machines, machine animations, and material flow, etc. Share the results of the plant design with other project participants. The iVP Viewer is intuitive and easy to use and thus fits into the simple handling of iVP Planning. In the future it will also be possible to collaborate with project partners in 2D / 3D and VR and to work in the same project.

Create impressive photorealistic images and videos

Existing machine and 3D databases from planning and customer appointments can be easily output for further marketing and sales purposes using iVP CGI. The interface to CGI rendering systems or the creation directly from iVP enables the fast creation of photorealistic images by you or external resources – without any complex and expensive photographer assignments and studio appointments.


Digital continuity for multiple results

From your existing CAD / CATIA / STP design data you adapt continuous and overall compatible 3D models according to the iVP Production Guideline. The motto of the One Flow Production Pipeline is not for nothing, “CAD to Plan to High Res”. With the 3D models optimized for multiple purposes, we enable the use in iVP Planning, Showroom, and CGI. Complex reworking and revisions for every conceivable purpose are avoided and efficiency is increased. Use these impressive photorealistic results as you wish for marketing, trade fairs, brochures, print, or online media and inspire your customers with real added value. Even prototypes can be visualized in this way with high quality – a great help in often lengthy product development.


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analytics with iVP

Transparency and customer proximity

iVP Analytics

Visualize customer behavior in iVP - Viewer files in an intuitive overview. iVP Analytics gives you fast, easy access to important information that allows you to analyze needs and capture customer behavior. In this way, you can give your customer the good feeling that you have fully focused on them and their needs and that you have penetrated all their challenges.  As a result, you can look forward to a customer relationship that is characterized by deep mutual trust. Both the iVP Analytics data and the comments of the agents from iVP Viewer can flow into your and your customer’s CRM account and be documented there across all employees.


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Services from ivp

iVP Services

One framework for individual solutions

iVP offers comprehensive consulting and customization of the software to your business process and accompanies the introduction of one or more iVP components in your company as a manufacturer competently and reliably from start to finish. If you have questions regarding operating systems, hardware equipment, training of your employees, or the selection of software tools from other manufacturers, we support you with our know-how from many years of project experience.


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One framework for individual solutions


We work out the workflow with you, e.g. to reuse your 2D or 3D CAD data in iVP for different purposes. We are also happy to take over subtasks of your process, such as the integration of CAD and 3D data, as well as the professional creation of CGI models and/or videos. Since we also use iVP as a tool, we can continue working seamlessly with your iVP data. Complex coordination processes are not necessary. In addition to technology, the economic and organizational aspects naturally also play an important role. We adapt ourselves completely to you to enable a smooth integration. The iVP software development team works day by day on the pulse of current software and technology trends from which you as our customer should benefit.

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Why iVP?

Invest in the future now!


Sustainable One Flow Production Pipeline: Use CAD data for different scenarios without additional effort

iVP Planning: The heart of the iV Platform for fast and intuitive virtual plant and factory planning

iVP Showroom: Virtual sales support for customer-specific pre-planning and specifications

iVP Viewer: Virtual collaboration, avoidance of planning errors, and documentation

iVP Viewer: Transparency and customer proximity

iVP CGI: Photorealistic renderings and videos from existing construction and iVP 3D data

Digital value creation from start to finish


The strengths of iVP

Reuse of once integrated CAD data as needed

Manual or automated alignment of CAD data in iVP

Intuitive Selection, positioning and rotation via drag & drop

Modern 3D visualizations and CGI exports in no time

Immersive plant walk-through and convincing customer presentation in 3D real-time and virtual reality

Planning and investment security through visual planning in 2D/3D and VR

Avoidance of expensive planning errors

Easy entry without previous knowledge of other 3D or CAD programs

Customizable software framework

Efficient and cost saving

Reuse of once created plans or 3D customer data as needed

Why iVP


Import of 2D or 3D data or creation of floor plans, buildings etc.

In development: Integration and consideration of BIM files

Specification of individual machines, processes and assemblies

Editing of building parts and existing installations

Definition of camera flights for video export

Export as image, video, PDF layout or via iVP Viewer for evaluation by the customer

Integration of your specific 3D databases

Adaption of the user interface to your corporate identity

Animation and configuration of specific machines and processes

Special interfaces to CRM, lead and cloud management systems

Integration into existing networks or cloud environments

Integration into existing marketing management systems

Your individual integrated entry on iVP


Updating databases via cloud integration

integration and connection to existing 3D databases such as CATIA

Updates and patches via cloud

Integration of extensive animated production libraries

Conveying technology, robotics and portals

Automation of driverless industrial vehicles

Racks, buffers, storage machines and people

Safety cabinets, workbenches, tables, computers

Machine parts and workpieces

Import of own 3D models

Component lists in excel and PDF format

The machine



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