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With iVP Planning, you can go beyond traditional CAD platforms, immersing your internal team and customers with ultra-accurate 2D/ 3D and VR visualizations.

iVP Planning

About iVP Planning

iVP Planning is a cost-effective solution for the visualization and planning of factory facilities and machine layouts, Whether you’re planning a factory floor plan, product design, or machine layout, iVP Planning enables you to provide authentic visual displays using 2D/ 3D and VR technology. Throughout the process, cross-departmental teams can identify problem areas, provide feedback, and navigate the technical planning process in real-time.

iVP Planning alleviates bottlenecks by immediately displaying changes for your entire team to see from anywhere in the world. Likewise, teams can accommodate customer modifications without relying on other departments. In turn, iVP Planning supports faster, more agile modeling and layouts centered on the unique design goals and functionality requirements of your customers.

About iVP Planning
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What can iVP do for you? Find out and give us a call.  Our project consultants look forward to your call.


Why iVP Planning

Your initial customer interactions are essential to securing new contracts. With iVP Planning, you can showcase an achievable finished product or floor plan early on in the pre-sale phase.

Why iVP Planning

Real-Time Digital Factory Planning

From machine designs to floor plan layouts and everything in between, iVP Planning empowers your team to create sophisticated virtual reality spaces with zero 3D or CAD experience necessary.

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Benefits iVP Planning

Customizable Machine Models

To ensure your customer’s satisfaction, iVP Planning supports more accurate consulting and planning meetings with machine models that are correctly integrated and positioned.


Optimized for Performance

iVP Planning is compatible with hundreds of 3D models, displaying machines and prototypes from everyday devices and workstations without lagging or latency.

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Frieder Schuler
Vice President Region North Eastern Europe

The added value is due to the fact that we already see how the final result will look like in 2D and 3D during the planning and creative phase. This ensures us a high degree of planning security and fast up processes. In consequence this means we achieve a higher quality of planning in subtainable less time.

Philipp Albus 

Director Solutions



IVP planning allows us to be flexible and plan complete factories efficiently.


Through the 3D visualization falls to our customers and ourselves lighter, material flows and to explain and understand connections.

Daniel Hofius
of trade fairs &  events


The digital transformation of the presentation of our products is closely linked to the digital real-time planning of workshop and system layouts.

This gives us the opportunity to map a seamless digital process, to work more efficiently, to present more innovatively and to save costs.

Customer Voices iVP Plannig


What can iVP do for you? Find out and give us a call.  Our project consultants look forward to your call.

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