Multiple results with a well thought-out process. We think about the entire process chain of CAD like STP or CATIA and 3D objects right from the start and thus offer the maximum added value of every work step and your 3D data. We use a one-flow production pipeline to revise construction data for the highest possible multifunctional use. You can use plans and models for marketing, print, web, image and CGI animated videos.



Virtual product renderings are the perfect instrument making products tangible and convincing marketing documents with realistic images.



Once created, digital assets can be used as a framework for future videos, mobile apps, XR experiences, and more.


For communication purposes, CGI renderings creates content for a wide variety of media channels such as animations, illustrations or interactive applications.

Photorealistic CGI

Photo-realistic images - made from raw CAD construction data. There  are no limits in image accuracy, true photo-realism is possible.


Do not waste time and budget to start this entire process again and again from the beginning, if we could already take over this step when revising 3D models and assigning textures and materials. The result is a automated processing chain that allows materials, textures, components and assemblies to be extruded from design data and made available for desirable processes.

An ideal partnership
iVP Planning & iVP CGI

Sometimes it just has to be eyecandy! Concept presentations and plannings of large scale and complex systems or products require a visual background. Customers, investors and partners appreciate images, videos and media that convey the product in all its glory and in the highest possible detail and are often the tip of the balance.

"One Flow Production"

A digital continuous solution


Making work processes more efficient and digitally changeable in a sustainable manner. The transfer of 3D data in different formats is often a mammoth task that is lacking between customer, advertising agency, partner and construction. With the one-flow production pipeline, iVP simplify and standardize the handshake and transfer of 3D data from the design to the online brochure. Thanks to intelligent databases for materials and textures, different standards are no longer a barrier.

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