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About iVP - intelligent Virtual Platform

In the digital age we live in, customer preferences within the manufacturing industry are rapidly evolving. As a result, 3D and VR technologies are more important than ever before. iVP empowers teams to navigate their factory planning, machine design, and process optimization pipelines with precision, appealing to their customers every step of the way.

Overall, iVP’s Planning, Showroom, Stage, and CGI platforms culminate in a one flow production pipeline, lending way to streamlined efficiency, cost savings, and sales effectiveness. In turn, companies can more accurately demonstrate the value they bring to the table while managing expectations by starting with the end in mind.

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Features of intelligent Virtual Platform



With iVP, engineers, decision-makers, and sales professionals from across the world can collaborate on factory plans and machine designs, all in real-time. Throughout the process, teams can keep customers in the loop, ensuring that the pre-production design aligns with their goals. Upon completion, customers can then virtually train their personnel on the inner workings of machines.

To ensure a steady stream of customers, iVP offers agile presentation solutions for investors, exhibition attendees, and corporate leaders. Viewers can not only immerse themselves in factory layouts and individual machines, but also visualize the finished product well before the production process through photorealistic imagery that replaces the need for a third-party photographer.

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Video Export

Pictures say more than words and umpteen times more than plans. Export videos and images from your planning and leave them with the customer.

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Real-time data

Evaluating production data visually is not only possible using reports, graphs or Excel. We integrate existing machine monitoring and evaluations into your individual iVP file.

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Virtual Reality

Once an environment is created, viewers can experience a full walkthrough of entire factories and individual machines, all in stunning VR.

ivp cloud computing.jpg
ivp cloud computing.jpg

Cloud Technology

As opposed to conventional design platforms that require high-performance computers, iVP leverages cloud technology for seamless functionality on everyday devices.

Dynamic Path Tool iVP.JPG
Dynamic Path Tool iVP.JPG

Dynamic Path Tool

As part of the design process, team members with absolutely zero experience in 3D or CAD can use the dynamic path tool to measure distances, create barriers, build walls, and more.

ivp 3d database_edited.jpg
ivp 3d database_edited.jpg

3D Asset Library

As opposed to starting from scratch, iVP offers a broad repertoire of machine assets that can be customized according to each customer’s individual needs.

iVP Analytics Platzhalter.png
iVP Analytics Platzhalter.png


The goal of iVP Analytics, which is currently still in development, is to generate added value in terms of data technology and a measured value of user data. For example, how long was which object viewed.

ivp crm cpq connectivity_edited.jpg
ivp crm cpq connectivity_edited.jpg

CRM & CPQ Connectivity

The consistency and further use of data is of fundamental importance. We connect to your existing Salesforce, SAP and other applications.

ivp cad connectivity.jpg
ivp cad connectivity.jpg

CAD Connectivity

We can process and integrate all common CAD formats such as CATIA, STL, IGS, VRML or Autodesk Revit. You have the option of doing this internally according to specifications or having this service carried out by us.