A COMPREHENSIVE platform for the digitization of sales and planning processes

The potential of digital continuity lies in its use as a planning and sales tool and helps in decision-making - at all levels. The consistent processing, compatibility and presentation of construction 3D and customer data as well as their individualization is the quintessence of the iV Platform. Functions and specifications within iVPs for machines, assemblies or can be integrated into the existing software framework. This flexibility and continuity save you time and ultimately money.




    Planning and Collaboration

    Collaborative industrial production plant visualization and planning in real time.


    Training and Sales

    Cross platform product configuration, training and simulation.

  • CGI

    Web and Marketing

    Product presentation, marketing and CGI rendering pipeline.


Effective Planning

iVP enables you to plan and present industrial systems and machine concepts in real time.

Easy Evaluation

iVP shows incorrect plannings at an early stage of the conception, which means that errors can be avoided.

Cloud Power

You don't need a powerful computer to use iVP. Optionally, plans and instances can be outsourced to the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Next Level Presentation

iVP enables you to display and export your planning concept true to detail in 2D / 3D / VR and AR.

Project Collaboration

Collaborative planning across countries and time zones enables different participants to plan on the same concept.

Cross Platform

Planning in iVP Planning and according to iVP Showroom. No matter whether WebGL, cloud or desktop.

One flow production

The consistent processing of 3D models without repeating work steps is the quintessence of the one flow production pipeline. Create it once use it twice for multiple purposes.

News Blog & Stories


    3D Realtime product presentation

    Customers of HOMAG can take a sightseeing flight through a window production machine with all of its components and processing steps with the CENTATEQ smartBox.

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    Business Whitepaper

    Efficient real-time 3D processes for sales, planning and marketing. A business whitepaper for iVP - intelligent Virtual Platform.

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    Explained: Key essential of digital realtime planning

    How we collaborate in realtime, create CGI and Raytrace renderings as well as train and simulate in the cloud.

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    How XR will change industrial visualization

    Technology has revolutionized the way business is done, boundaries and continents have dissolved with the emergence of new technologies.

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