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Intelligent Virtual Platform

The multiuser virtual collaboration software for effective building information modeling. Executing a project with team members from different parts of the world can be challenging and demoralizing. iVP was created to eliminate the distance factor and enhance effective project execution, result evaluation, and increased work efficiency.


What is iVP?

iVP is a virtual planning and collaborative software designed with the focus of creating an intuitive and easy to use tool to assist architects, project managers, and planners, investors and clients to achieve the best possible outcome for their projects. It helps architectural stakeholders to collaborate and plan projects to the tiniest details, no matter their physical locations. It’s true that planning large scale projects is challenging, especially when many stakeholders are involved. Communication is always a problem, and this leads to increased downtime and the inability to achieve the best results.

The iVP-Software solves this problem by simplifying complex tasks and providing a platform where project stakeholders can collaborate in real time with automated direct 2D/3D/VR/AR visualization. With iVP, architects, planners, clients, and investors can achieve faster planning, visualization, collaboration, and evaluation, which results in increased project efficiency and stakeholders’ satisfaction.


iVP provides the tools you need to plan large scale projects in real time. Whether machines, furnishings, rooms, or other products, this BIM software supplies you a database of 3D models that you’ve previously defined making the entire planning process easy.

iVP offers you the opportunity to execute your virtual plan using different 3D inspectors. You get to experience and evaluate your project in a virtual environment and check whether the project is precisely what you imagined. That’s virtual planning made easy.

With iVP, you can evaluate the feasibility and scale of your project by getting a real-time view of every aspect of the proposed final project, making it easy to identify and fix flaws or replace various products and parts that might not be useful in the project.

iVP offers you the chance to collaborate with your team and clients, discuss and make modifications to your project virtually in 3D/VR/AR, no matter the location of the team members.

The BIM software also allows you to import your blueprints and place your products according to plan while discussing the different steps of the project planning with your team or clients no matter their location.

Effective Planning

Enhanced Visualization

Easy Evaluation

Project Collaboration

BIM Integration

More Features

iVP is a versatile program for planning and visualization that adapts to the tasks. We give our customers and partners the possibility to integrate functions and workflows into iVP and thus make them even better.


Multi 3D -Database

iVP offers you an unlimited database of 3D models from which to choose. Even if you wish to get more specific and plan with your 3D models, you can import them into the IVP database and start planning your project. iVP processes all possible 3D formats including:



Reliable partners with whom research, development and pioneering work together are essential for the success of a project. As a development partner since the very beginning, we would like to thank you today. The already successfully implemented projects can be found below.


Homag Group AG

HOMAG is development premium partner of the first hour of iVP. As a key driver in functions and multiplier of the software, we are happy to have HOMAG at our side. We partnered with HOMAG to develop the first version of the iVP-Software, and we participated at the LIGNA-exhibition in May.

Klinikum Westfalen

The first application in the medical sector was brought to us by the Klinikum Westfalen. With the very first version of iVP, a heart catheter laboratory was planned and presented. The result, winning the first Innovation Award of the Knappschaft Kliniken.



Are you interested in the functions of iVP? Than get in touch with us. No matter the size of the project, let´s see how iVP can be used to benefit you project.

Medical 3D library for iVP import.

Medical 3D library for iVP import.