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iVP Showroom is the right solution for the initial contact with a customer or their digitally supported, custom entry on, for example, your website, mobile app, or in a direct conversation.  With iVP Showroom, you offer customers the opportunity to select or already configure products according to their requirements. Here, a configuration suitable for the customer can be created utilizing industry-specific predefined questions or by independently selecting parameters. All digital content comes directly from the CAD model that is uniquely integrated into iVP or is generated from it as demand-dependent derivatives.

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Customer Experience

Easy onboarding with pre-configuration in web browser, transfer to lead generation and detail-specific customer requests.



Individual, customizable, features and variations of the product that is of interest for the customer requirements.


WebGL Compatibility

Connection to Web GL is here. Configurations and planning can now be displayed and changed on all modern browsers without additional installations.


CRM Management

With CRM compatibility you can automate and integrate your activities around customer specified plannings and configurations as well as analytic data.


Which hardware is required for iVP?

Can i test the software?

Can i rent the software?

Can i rent hardware?

Which data do i need to start with iVP?

How long will it take to get started?

Can i use existing data?

Can specific environments like factory halls imported?

How is iVP saving costs?

Why is Virtual Reality a useful tool?

Does iVP offer support?

Can i export data from iVP?

What kind of data can be imported in iVP?

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