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Complex machines explained in innovative design and technology

Some machines are so complex that it is difficult to explain them and make them tangible. If such a machine can easily cost a 7-digit amount, it requires detailed advice.

Jan 29, 2021

Many of us know the scenario from buying a car: Together with the dealer or at home in advance, you can configure your future vehicle with the desired color, rims and interior equipment.

It is similar with the CENTATEQ smartBox: It allows customers to configure their individual solutions via an intuitive touchscreen control and to obtain information on the processing steps and all technical components. Using various modes, users can study the advantages of the equipment variants as well as detailed technical information and add them to their own solution.

At the Open House “HOMAG Treff” in Schopfloch (Germany), employees from Sales took the interested visitors on a customer journey using the smartBox: Which window profile would the customer like to produce? How many units would they like to produce per day? What are their requirements when doing so? HOMAG uses the answers to recommend a machine configuration. In the next step, customers could discuss individual components and change them, for example to suit the budget.

The unique setup with three high-resolution monitor levels allows the interested customer to look into the machine as a whole or at individual components through the smartBox. The information package is complemented by videos and additional product explanations.

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